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Come along to our meetups to improve your art in a relaxed and social atmosphere, and under the guidance of a professional instructor. Complete beginners to experienced artists all welcome.

Our 2 hour meetups are held in a different location each time, usually outdoors.

Bring your own materials which can be anything from pencils or pastels, to watercolour or oils.

If you are a complete beginner all you need to start are a couple of good drawing pencils, a rubber, and a drawing pad.

Who can attend? Open to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced artists. The instructor is there to help everyone.

The meeting point and full details for the day are sent in the booking confirmation email to the email address you provide at time of booking.

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Our meetups and classes are limited to a max of 12 people
Sharnee Burnett
Sharnee Burnett, a fine artist hailing from Harrisburg, PA, holds a bachelor's degree in fine arts from the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, which she earned in 2021. Throughout her academic journey, Sharnee devoted herself to honing her craft and expanding her artistic horizons. Following her high school graduation, she seized the opportunity to collaborate with a mural company, marking the beginning of her professional journey. Over the years, she transitioned to working with an artisan company, further enriching her expertise in the field. Sharnee's artistic prowess has been showcased in various art gallery exhibitions, reflecting her dedication and talent. Art has been a guiding force in Sharnee's life, offering solace and inspiration, and she aspires to inspire others through her knowledge and passion for the arts.

Sharnee Burnett is available for private bookings

Available from 2pm to 4pm. Will be focused on drawing topics and meeting arrangements can be discussed before class.

Harrisburg Art Group
Title or Location: Jeweled Tree of Life
I have so many incredible beach memories with my mom & dad. It was fitting to apply beach background to this beautiful family tree of life I created using a very cool resin template.
Credit: Laurie E Holmes
Facebook: Laurie Eckels Hartman

Harrisburg Art Group
Title or Location: Winter Park Scene
Just wanted to try something different for me. The way shadow's, values, and light play out when snow is involved is interesting to me. Wanted to go for that effect
Credit: Peter Albert
Fresno Art Group
Harrisburg Art Group
Title or Location: Misunderstood Scarecrow
I aimed to capture the emotion and isolation of this figure, burdened by the duty to protect the crops, yet overwhelmed by the weight of his thankless task.color pencil Inspired by a word prompt from the Spit Paint FB page.
Credit: Yolanda Ray
Instagram: yollex.art

Buffalo Art Group
Harrisburg Art Group
Title or Location: White flowers, negative painting
Thanks for Bianca Rosen for instruction and inspiration for sharing the top colors ( purples and blues) to make white flowers pop! I then tried some pinks, reds on the lower white flowers.
Credit: Sue Miller
Facebook: Sue Miller, S and K Crafters
Buffalo Art Group

Harrisburg Art Group
Title or Location: Nectar & Nectarines
This painting was more about the process, than anything else. I have been fascinated with painting wine bottles lately, the different shapes, colors, etc. Fruit has been another fascination lately, especially things like nectarines, apples, etc. The different colors,shapes, and textures are fun to paint, and capture.
Credit: Peter Albert
Buffalo Art Group
Harrisburg Art Group
Title or Location: Fashion Illustration
There was a very cool editorial spread in W Magazine which I thought would translate very well into an illustration. I loved the draping in the photo and wanted to recreate it.
Credit: Jessica Jacobs

Seattle Art Circle
Title or Location: Crashing Oregon
This is an acrylic painting that is an amalgamation of numerous photos of the Oregon Coast. My mom goes down to San Diego every winter, and one year we drove down the coast and stopped everywhere for pics.
Credit: Kerri Kirk
Facebook: AdornamentDesigns
Instagram: @adornamentdesigns.com
Leeds Art Group
Title or Location: Jane Walsh Original watercolour Derbyshire Dales
This old farmyard barn is located to the North of Tideswell in a hamlet called Wheston. There are miles of old stone walls, wild flower borders where I loved the contrast between the grasses and flowers. Birds and bees were going about their busy day and managed to capture the early Summer. by Jane Walsh House and property portraits
Credit: Jane Walsh
Facebook: Jane walsh house and property portraits
Instagram: house_and_property_portraits
Aberdeen Art Group
Title or Location: Edzell
This prominent stone arch spans the road into Edzell village from the south. Erected in 1887, it commemorates the 13th Earl of Dalhousie and his wife, who died within hours of each other from different causes. An entrance this grand promises a village with great things.Original oil on canvas. 20" x 30"
Credit: Eric Meikle

Perth Art Group
Title or Location: Maureen - Black Cockatoo
I paint with acrylics and love painting our native birds but I have to say that my favourite bird to paint is the Black Cockatoo.
Credit: Anne-Marie Bloor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annemariebloorart/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artbyambloor/
Cincinnati Art Group
Title or Location: "Wine festival in Tuscany , Italy " was painted in Blue Ash, Ohio
As a amateur Painter, I started this painting with just a plain country side scene with some distant mountains. But then I got creative and added a Tuscany Villa. I kept at it , as my creativity kicked in and I began adding characters from the 1600's. My addition of Characters became a real challenge, as I had few references to Tuscany residents of the 16th century. Then I began adding the activities , such as a Monk bring in the wine, and the artist, There are two workers putting a cor
Credit: William P King
Basingstoke Art Group
Title or Location: Lookout
One of a series of British birds breaking the myth that our birds are only dull colourless! Acrylic on canvas board.
Credit: Jules Routledge
Facebook: Julian Routledge
Instagram: @jules_routledge

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